Zambian Reflections and #Grateful3

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September 5, 2016
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December 21, 2016
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Zambian Reflections and #Grateful3


Me (Kate) and Hannah have just got back from Zambia spending 10 days at the Vinjeru School in Kapiri Imposhi. It was a brilliant time helping out at the primary school and secondary school, doing PE, music, assemblies and craft as well as having the chance for Shine to go global, delivering girls course sessions with the teenagers at the school. The girls loved having the opportunity to talk about relationships, consent and sex in a safe environment and we loved facilitating the sessions! It was great to be able to share resources with the school so they could continue delivering sessions to more girls in the future.

Something that really struck us about our time in Zambia was how grateful people were over there. We met a lot of teenagers and kids who really had a very little,  had to walk miles to school, didn’t have money to eat lunch each day, had no running water in their house and even some who were double orphans yet what stood out was just how thankful and grateful all these kids were about life and the chances they had. You would rarely hear a moan about anything even when it’s expected that they clean the school each day after lessons. It was so different to a culture of taking things for granted and moaning which I know I can often fall into in my own life.

Recently an article came out suggesting that teenage girls in the UK are becoming more unhappy, (read more here) we’ve been discussing this as a Shine team and along with our Zambian reflections on gratefulness we decided that being grateful is often a good antidote to sadness. So this week here at Shine we’re encouraging all the girls to think of three things they are grateful for each day (#grateful3), we’re going to do it as a team and would encourage others to get involved. Use the hashtag #grateful3, share photos of things you’re grateful for or about and get others on board. You may be having a great time at the moment, or might be going through really tough stuff but there is always something to be grateful about…even if it’s just being able to have a hot shower or a cup of tea. Join us in having a #grateful3 week!

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