Happy Easter!

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December 19, 2014
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March 17, 2016
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Happy Easter!

Today is the final day of the school term. We. Have. Made. It. It’s been a busy but great one!

Here is what we have been up to…

We’ve been running five different ‘I’m the girl I want to be’ eight week courses. Each course has been really different. I love it how the girls who do the course each time really make it their own and want to chat about the things that are really relevant to them, no two courses are the same. This term we’ve run two courses at Cockburn School, two with a local youth organisation, Space and we’re currently half way through our first course at South Leeds Academy.

We’ve also been mentoring 17 girls one to one, this term, both in schools and in the community. It’s been great to continue building relationships with girls we’ve been working with for quite a while and also begin to get to know some of the new ones. It’s such a privilege to hang out with these girls week in week out.

At Cockburn we also began an after school club which is for any other the girls and their friends who have previously done the course with us at that school. It is 45 minutes of lots noise, many hot chocolates, messy craft activities (thanks Cockburn cleaners) and lots of laughter. It’s also a brilliant chance to just chat and continue to support these great girls. It has been really ace to see so many girls coming along.

Our Tuesday Switch Group has been having lots of fun this term some of the highlights have been the girls planning and cooking a delicious 2 course dinner for 17 people for £6 (inspired by the fact I was doing ‘live below the line‘ for a few weeks), joining in on planning for the nail bar and a bowling trip which saw 2 of the youngest members of our group who had never been bowling before smash scores of over 130!

2 course dinner for 17 people for £6…no problem!

Johnson & Johnson have continued to run the Donate a Photo campaign for Shine. $1 for every photo….check it out! Thanks to J&J for all their support. St Luke’s Primary School also held a quiz night to raise money for The Shine Project. Ridiculously hard quiz questions but it was a fantastic evening and thanks for all the money that was raised!

Perhaps we might regret this but…as a team at Shine we also committed to running to raise money for Shine as one of the 5 Ways To Support Shine. Helen will be doing a 5k and Rachel and myself will be doing the Leeds 10k in July!

Rachel agreeing to doing the 10k! No persuasion needed at all…

Finally ‘The Shine Nail Bar‘ has been taking shape over the last couple of months. Donna, the nail bar manager, has been meeting with builders, being an interior design queen, negotiating deals and generally being brilliant. It looks so great and we can’t wait for it to open in the next couple of weeks!

Rachel agreeing to doing the 10k! No persuasion needed at all…

That’s been January to April in a nutshell. Thanks for everyone’s continued interest and support.

Hope everyone has a great break over the bank holiday!


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