Guest Blog – Zambia Girls!

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April 18, 2017
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September 13, 2017
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Guest Blog – Zambia Girls!

In just a few days, we’re going to Zambia after months of preparation. As a team of 5 young people, Casie Mawson,15, Chloe Dennison,15, Ellie Gawthorpe ,15, and Summer McCormack ,15 and Kaytlin Thompson, 19 we have been getting ready for a trip to Zambia with The Shine Project.

“We’ve had lots of things to do to make us ready such as: fundraising, research, shopping etc. The hardest thing for us all would be searching for clothes appropriate to wear and respectful towards African culture, the search has been very stressful for us all. Although we are all very nervous to go over to Africa, we are also very excited and unsure what to expect, but we are looking forward to meeting new people from different backgrounds and cultures to our own, and it will be a life changing experience for us, as we will be living differently whilst being over there.

“Another thing we’re looking forward to is spending 10 whole days with a great bunch of people! We feel most nervous about the flights, and not knowing what to expect, especially food wise, the food will be a challenge for us but it’s a challenge we’re all willing to handle.

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