Guest Blog: Angel on Work Experience

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December 21, 2016
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Guest Blog: Angel on Work Experience

I have just finished my two week work experience at The Shine Nail Bar and honestly, I have loved every minute of it. During my work experience I was based at the nail bar but I got to look at other aspects of the St. Luke’s CARES charity and The Shine Project.

With the charity, we went to the charity shop on Dewsbury Road and had like a shop tour so we saw were all the donations go and looked at the warehouse. The following week I got to spend a full day there and I liked it. It was a bit of a slow start but in the end I enjoyed it. I also got to go on a bowling trip with the girls from the Shine Project. While I was there I got speaking to a lot of the girls and they were all really nice and I’d love to work with them again sometime.

While I was at the nail bar I learnt two nail treatments: a file and polish and shellac. I really enjoyed learning these treatments. While working at the nail bar I learnt a lot of key skills and improved some of my other skills. It has improved my confidence a lot as I had to talk to all the customers who were all really nice. It also taught me a lot about communication and basic life skills. The basic life skills were things around CV’s and job interviews which I found really helpful.

Overall, I really enjoyed my two weeks here and I would recommend it to someone else on work experience because the whole nail bar crew do take care of you and you will learn a lot: I did.

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